MURJUD ENTERPRISES rents its units out in two distinct manners - weekly and monthly. Over the summer/peak (July and August) rentals are on a weekly basis. The rest of the year (the off-season) is on a monthly basis.

When rented on a weekly basis, the units are furnished.

When the units are rented on a monthly basis, for a longer period, there are more choices as to how things are managed. The most obvious choice is whether or not the unit is to be rented in a furnished or unfurnished state. Other choices involve the length of the rental arrangement, and any special conditions that might be negotiated.

MURJUD ENTERPRISES endeavours to be flexible in accommodating the needs of our clients. If one of the units appeals to you, but a condition doesn't fit your situation, please feel free to contact us to discuss the matter. We may be able to work something out.

That said, there are two units available for rent. When they are available and for what price can be found in the following links. (To save you time, a summary of availability is constantly scrolling by at the boottom of the window.)

Please use the menu links to the left to go to descriptions of the units, or to check out the relevant terms and conditions associated with the rental arrangement.

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