"A Town For All Seasons"

MURJUD ENTERPRISES holds rental accommodations in the Town of Sylvan Lake - a central Alberta resort area.

For this reason, we thought it would be of use to our clients (and potential clients!) to pull together some information as to what the area offers in the way of attractions and amenities. Also included are some other informative articles that give a richer, fuller background as to the nature of the area.

For those not familiar with Sylvan Lake, the reason Sylvan Lake is a "resort" is the Sylvan Lake Provincial Park - a public, freely accessible, sandy beach on an extremely clean freshwater lake. The Town of Sylvan Lake has grown up around this Park and supports the many visitors it attracts. As a result of this juxtaposition, the term "Sylvan Lake" is generally used to refer to both the Town and the Park. However, the articles that follow generally refer to the Town. A Provincial Park is a special resource that is under very tight conservation and protection policies. Consequently all the 'extras' mentioned in the material that follows are outside the Park.

The topics offered include: